Tech Deck Ultra DLX Fingerboard 4-Pack Assortment

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REAL SKATEBOARD GRAPHICS: The Tech Deck Ultra DLX Pack includes 4 fingerboard decks with authentic graphics from the biggest brands in skateboarding.

  • CUSTOMIZE: Receive 4 boards with authentic skate graphics to build and customize. Collect the whole series!

  • OFFICIAL: These decks are the real deal! Ride, flip, and grind with an official finger board from real skate companies! From grip tape to bushings, these decks have been recreated down to the smallest detail.

  • The Tech Deck Ultra DLX 4-Pack is for kids, collectors and skate-lovers ages 6 and up. Jump start your collection and master your fingerboard tricks with Tech Deck!

    • Includes: 4 Boards, skate tool, nuts, screws, assorted wheels, sticker sheet, and assorted skateboard trucks.