Tahoe Pokémon League

The Tahoe Pokémon League hosts Pokémon TCG games and events throughout the year. Due to COVID19 restrictions on indoor play, we will be hosting virtual events for now, but very soon we expect to be able to meet regularly for in-person events. League members will have the opportunity to pre-order Pokémon products and get the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP). Because games are virtual only for now, there is no cost to join the Tahoe Pokémon League. To join, simply send an email to pokemon@toysandtreasures.com and include:

1) Your First and Last Name
2) Your Telephone Number
3) Your Email Address
4) Your Pokémon Trainers Club Account ID

Tahoe Pokémon League games will be held each Wednesday at 6:00pm. Until COVID19 restrictions are lifted, all games will be conducted as "League at Home" events online, via the Pokémon TCG Online. Games will be coordinated in the Tahoe Pokémon League Discord Server

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