Tapple 10


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  • Get ready for a flip it, name it, fast-paced word game! Tapple 10 features 10 exciting games in 1 box - tap into your quick-thinking skills as you face off against others for endless game night fun.
  • 10 GAMES IN 1: One side of the card has a colorful letter, the other side of the card features colorful quadrants with category names. Each of the 10 game variations build upon the same premise of finding a match between the colorful letter and the corresponding colorful quadrant on another card. Games have different victory conditions.
  • Tapple 10 is a great game for on-the-go playing with groups of any size or play Tapple 10 solo as well with high-score tracking!
  • Includes: 80 Cards, 1 Sand Timer, Rules
  • 1+ Players | Ages 8+ | 5-15 Minute Play Time