Sloth Selfie 500-Piece Puzzle


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The Ravensburger 500 piece puzzle Sloth Selfie makes the hearts of all animal lovers beat faster. The motif shows 5 cute sloths surrounded by leaves and butterflies The Ravensburger jigsaw quality at a glance: a variety of shapes thanks to handmade punching knives, perfectly fitting and kink-resistant jigsaw pieces, non-reflective jigsaw puzzles thanks to natural linen embossing, made from recycled cardboard Regardless of whether the jigsaw puzzle is used as decoration in the apartment after it has been laid once or if it is puzzled over and over again: jigsaw puzzles are the ideal pastime for adults and children and an excellent tip against boredom More than just a puzzle: A puzzle from Ravensburger is the ideal concentration training for children, is fantastic for brain jogging for adults and helps puzzlers of all ages to relax in everyday life Contents: 500 pieces Ravensburger jigsaw puzzle in the format 19.29 x 14.17 inch