Pokémon: My First Battle

The Pokémon Company

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My First Battle offers a highly simplified version of the Pokémon TCG rules, allowing younger players to learn the basics of the game. The fundamentals of the game such as attacking, benching, evolving Pokémon, and using Item cards are present, but more complicated concepts such as Weakness, Resistance, retreat cost, and using other types of Trainer cards such as Supporters and Stadiums are omitted.

Each box of My First Battle contains two mini decks of 17 cards each, two playmats, a rulebook, a large metallic coin, a sheet of damage counters, and six Prize tokens. All Pokémon cards featured in My First Battle do not have any Weakness, Resistance, or retreat cost, as well as regulation marks or card numbers. Additionally, all cards have a unique "My First Battle" back design.