Orbeez Color Seed Pack

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  • GROW 1,000 ORBEEZ: Each Color Seed Pack is filled with 1,000 multi-colored Orbeez Seeds! Add the seeds to water and watch them grow! In 4 hours, they`ll be soft, squishy and ready for play!
  • GROW THEM AGAIN AND AGAIN: Once your seeds are fully grown, you can dry out your Orbeez back to their seed form and grow them all over again! Collect all of the Color Seed Packs (each sold separately)!
  • ENDLESS WAYS TO PLAY: The possibilities are endless with Orbeez! Roll them, squish them, squeeze them, bounce them, crush them, let them flow through your hands Ð they`re so much fun!
  • The Orbeez Color Seed Packs are the perfect gift for kids aged 5 and up. Orbeez start as colorful Seeds and grow to over 1,000 times their original size by adding water!