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Carefree and lazy, Snorlax is the Pokemon we can all relate to. So when you want to relax in style, look no further than this Kigurumi! Oversized and complete with his famously sleepy expression, it’s the ultimate way to enjoy some deep, peaceful rest. Just be sure you’re not blocking any roads, because once you fall asleep in this animal onesie, only a Poké Flute can wake you up.

Devious and mysterious…Gengar is always looking to get the upper hand on its opponents. Pick up this official Gengar kigurumi and see whom you can fool with this awesome, ghostly and especially cozy onesie! Despite all the spookiness, this is a warm and super soft onesie that will be perfect for chilling in by yourself or with your close friends and family.

Did you ever wonder why Pikachu broke out of his Poké Ball? It’s because he loves comfort! We pay tribute to him with a Kigurumi so cozy, you’ll never want to take it off. Super-soft and ultra-warm, you can kick back and relax as Ash’s right-hand man. But please, don’t get into any battles. This animal onesie may be cute, but it won’t give you the ability to electrocute your enemies.

-Size: Adult XL