Hot Wheels '75 Chevy Blazer Custom, Jaws

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  • The Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment Collection features awesome fan-favorite vehicles from the hottest movies, television shows, and video games.
  • The Chevrolet K5 Blazer is a full-sized sport utility vehicle built by General Motors from 1969 to 1994. Originally built on the K10 truck platform, the Blazer was positioned to compete against the International Harvester Scout and the Ford Bronco. Early models featured convertible tops until 1975, when they were replaced with a hardtop which was safer during rollovers. The vehicle was a sales success, quickly becoming popular and outsold its rivals.

    This is a replica of the 1975 Chevrolet K5 Blazer from the film Jaws as driven by police chief Martin Brody; it will always feature a ORDDRR spare tire no matter what the main wheel type is.