Foam Party Slip N Slide Single Lane


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  • GRAB YOUR BEST FRIEND AND SLIDE INTO THE SUMMERTIME! With the new Whamo Foam Party Slip 'N Slide to provide hours of foam-y fun and splash-y excitement!
  • WANT TO BE ALL SOAKED IN WATER AND FOAM? Streams of water and foam on the end and side of the slide will keep you sliding hard and fast and will ensure you are all soaking wet! The bouncy foam will cover you from head to toe! There is never enough splashes when you are under the hot sun!
  • SEEKING REAL WATER FUN WITH A SIDE OF BUBBLES? The 15ft Foam Party Slip ‘N Slide Single Lane will turn your backyard into your own private portable water park and Foam Party! All kids will not only be busy by playing, staying active, and enjoying the outside backyard fun but it will also make for unforgettable bubbly summer memories!
  • LOOKING FOR FAMILY BONDING TIME? Wham-O has introduced its Original Slip ‘N Slide back in 1961, changing backyard fun forever! Ask your moms and pops to share their favorite Yellow Slide memories from their summer holidays with you!