Final Fantasy TCG: Hidden Hope - Booster Pack

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This set, which is the 22nd booster pack for the series, introduces a brand-new system named “Limit Break”. This system is bound to expand strategies for FFTCG by utilizing cards that are outside the deck, and will continuously be implemented in future sets. The “Special card” (which is a popular and rare foil-stamped full art card) in this set will be Sephiroth [22-032L], featuring an illustration from Gen Kobayashi. This marks the first time FFTCG will feature a brand-new illustration on a Special card. Additionally, Legacy cards, which are full art cards of past Legends, will also be included in this booster pack. 3 Legacy cards will be included in this set: Fat Chocobo [4-064L], Chaos [16-129L], and Sephiroth [18-116L]. Special cards and Legacy cards are not only for collection purposes as they can both be used in official tournaments, just like normal cards.