Dungeons & Dragons Planescape Adventures in the Multiverse

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Infinite realms of immortals and impossibilities, the Outer Planes brim with celestials, fiends, gods, and the dead - and they're all just a step away. Enter a portal to Sigil, the City of Doors-an incredible metropolis where portals connect to every corner of the multiverse. Planescape: Adventures in the Multiverse contains everything a Dungeon Master needs to run adventures and campaigns set in Sigil and the Outlands, as well as new options for players who want to create characters prepared to explore the planes.


Sigil and the Outlands (96-page hardcover setting book) - Includes planar character options, details on the fantastic City of Doors, descriptions of the Outlands and the gate-towns that lead to the Outer Planes, and more.

Turn of Fortune's Wheel (96-page hardcover adventure) - An adventure set in Sigil and the Outlands designed for characters levels 3-10 with a jump to level 17.

Morte's Planar Parade (64-page hardcover bestiary) - Presents game statistics and descriptions for inhabitants of the Outer Planes, including planar incarnates, hierarch modrons, and time dragons.