DC Comics, 4-Inch Superman Action Figure with 3 Mystery Accessories

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Create your own epic adventures with the DC Comics 4-Inch Action Figures. Join the man of steel, Superman, on an exciting battle. Open the box to discover your figure, a cool collector poster and three mystery accessories hidden in compartments. Find armor, shields, gauntlets and more (plus rare and super rare accessories) to armor up your figure for exciting missions. Equip your figure with its accessories and help Superman defend against the Super-Villains of Metropolis. With a highly detailed sculpt, comic book styling and 11 points of articulation, you can pose your figure any way you want. Each 4-inch articulated action figure also comes with a collector’s guide, so you can easily keep track of your collection. Expand your action figure collection with Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Aquaman, Lex Luthor and more (each sold separately) and use your imagination to create your own Superhero and Super-Villain adventures! The fate of Metropolis is in your hands. Bring the excitement of DC Comics to life with the 4-inch Action Figures.