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The golden age of video rental is back with a party game all about those movies you know and love. And like all great blockbusters, this one is a double bill! In Part One, two players go head-to-head in a movie buzzer battle. For Part Two, they’ll be describing and acting out as many movies as they can for their team to guess.HOW IT WORKSMovie Buzzer Battle Split into two teams and choose two players to start. Turn over a Head-to-Head Card to reveal the movie category. As soon as they think of a movie that fits, they shout it out and hit the buzzer. The other player now has 15 seconds to fire one back and put the pressure back on their opponent. First player to run out of time, loses. Triple Charades Jeopardy The winner takes six movie cards and secretly looks at them. Then, they give three to their opponent and keep the rest for themselves. Soon, they’ll have 30 seconds to get their team to shout out the movies using three tricky techniques – acting out the film, making up a quote and describing it with just one word. Collect as many movies as you can! Collect as many movies as you can! Start the 30 second timer then get going. As soon as your team gets a movie correct, they add it to their collection. If you get all three and still have time left, you can try and steal from the other team. When the time’s up, it’s the other team’s go, then it’s back to the buzzer battle. The first team to collect all eight genres of movie, wins.