2021 Panini NFL Five Trading Card Game Booster Pack


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2021 Panini NFL Five Football Trading Card Game Booster Pack

Welcome to the NFL Five Trading Card Game where you can collect and play with your favorite NFL stars and rookies!

AGE: 9+
GAME TIME: 20-30 minutes

Unlike previous sports TCGs, the NFL Five game brings traditional trading card elements to the gridiron.

Field your best 10 players (5 offense and 5 defense) and battle it out with your opponent to see who can score the most points.

Move up and down the field by calling plays face-down. After each player has called a play, reveal them and determine if the play was successful or stopped (stopped if the defense calls the exact same play as the offense).

Once a play is successful, you can use player abilities and other card effects before gaining yardage.

Each play takes time off the clock until it reaches 0, which ends the half. Play two halves of football and the winner is the player that scored the most points!

Collect and play with your favorite players in NFL Five, the official and exclusive trading card game of the National Football League!

Find rare and game-changing rookie cards of Kyler Murray, Nick Bosa, Dwayne Haskins and more!

Mix and match from all 32 NFL franchises with eight players available per team.

Look for hard-to-find Epic and Legendary cards along with foil parallels of the full set.

Each Starter Deck contains a 50-card tournament-ready deck along with 5 foil, parallel cards and all the accessories you need to learn and play the game.

The entire set comprises 316 cards, including 256 Players, 20 Action Cards and 40 Plays.

Product Configuration:
9 Cards Per Pack