Panini 2021 Mosaic Soccer H2 Hobby Box - 1 Pack


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2020/21 Panini Mosaic UEFA Euro Soccer H2 Hobby Hybrid Box - 1 Pack

Configuration: 1 Pack, 8 Cards Per Pack

Each Box contains One Autograph, One Silver/Silver Mosaic, Ten Parallels, and Six Inserts!

Mosaic makes its international soccer debut with the UEFA Euro 2020 tournament and showcases a unique lineup of parallels and inserts!

Look for a plethora of exciting, exclusive parallels to the 200-card base set, including Circles Blue, Purple, White, Gold and Black - #'d from 99 to 1!

Unwrap three inserts - International Men of Mastery, Pitch Masters and Montage - that each have an exclusive Circles Silver parallel!

Collect Euro Autographs Circles and Euro Scripts Circles featuring current and past stars of the tournament!