Paasche H Series Airbrush Set


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Easily airbrush confectionary with the Paasche H-3AS single action external mix airbrush set with 3 tips! This single action airbrush is much simpler to use than a double action airbrush, making it great for beginners or those needing more basic spraying functions. Because it's external mix, this airbrush incorporates paint on only one side of the air stream. This makes it difficult to clog the airbrush and easier to use thicker paints. If you want to spray solid coats, lines, or stencils, this airbrush is unbeatable and will save your operation time and money. Solvent-proof needle packing means that you can airbrush with both water and solvent based paints. Built for long-lasting use, the polished and hardened stainless steel needles reduce clogging. Not only is this set designed with durability, but it is easy to clean. Simply spray your paint cleaner through the airbrush and wipe the needle. Whether you are new to airbrushing or looking to quickly apply a base coat, this airbrush will help you accomplish your goals!

With so many features, the included lesson booklet and manual will guide you through all the parts of your airbrush. The 1 oz. storage bottle, 1 oz. bottle assembly, and 0.25 oz. metal cup make it easy to store and use your paint. With an ample 6' length, the braided air hose prevents leaks for uninterrupted painting and also gives your decorator plenty of room to maneuver in the kitchen. An added 1/8" BSP adapter allows you to use other brands' hoses. The wrench is perfect for making fine tune adjustments and the hanger makes for easy storage of your airbrush. Advance your airbrush skills with this set!

Set Includes:
(1) H#3 airbrush
(1) Size 1 head (0.45 mm)
(1) Size 3 head (0.65 mm)
(1) Size 5 head (1.05 mm)
(1) 0.25 oz. metal cup
(1) 1 oz. bottle assembly
(1) 1 oz. storage bottle
(1) 1/8" BSP adapter
(1) Hanger
(1) Wrench
(1) 6' braided air hose
(1) Lesson booklet and manual