Minecraft Transforming Turtle Hideout Playset

Mattel Games

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This giant-sized Minecraft Turtle transforms into a multi-level hideout and command base for Steve and his little Turtle friend (included). There are four action levels and a window with a changing ocean view. The giant Turtle's mouth opens to revel a secret entrance. It's endless fun for Minecraft video games as they act out aquatic adventures. Also stores extra figures (each sold separately).

​Huge turtle opens and transforms into a playset with 4 action levels!

Turtle playset is made from a minimum of 20% Recycled Ocean-Bound Plastic!* *Made from plastic sourced within 50km of waterways in areas lacking formal waste collection systems.

Check out fish “swimming” by from the viewing window!

​Jaw opens and reveals a secret entrance for Steve!

​A great gift for video-gamers who love battling adventures, ages 6 years old and up!