Kiwi Crate, Puking Pumpkin Science


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Add a dash of spooky science to your Halloween decor — with an eerie, oozy chemical concoction you whip up yourself! Put your measuring and color-mixing skills to the test while blending together baking soda, foaming gel, and liquid colors. Pour the mixture into a carved pumpkin from home, add water and citric acid, then sit back as the chemicals react and make your pumpkin “puke”! Barf has never before been such a blast.

• Includes enough baking soda, foaming gel, and citric acid to make several pumpkins puke. Just add the pumpkins!

• Also includes scoops, a flask, and a funnel to measure out your materials and pour them into your pumpkins.

• Get creative with customization! Pick from one of 3 included liquid colors (red, blue, and yellow), or experiment with color mixing to create a brand new color of barf!

• Instructions foldout includes an exploration of bubbly chemical reactions, fun facts about pumpkins, and a look inside the crate’s design.