Hot Wheels Skate Taco Truck Play Case

Mattel Games

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  • Get a taste of epic skateboarding with the Hot Wheels Skate Taco Truck.
  • This rad truck with eye-catching decos features a rooftop taco that can be used for awesome tricks or as a handle when taking the truck on the go.
  • Kids can pull out the grind rail, set up the vertical ramp or use the picnic table for additional skate tricks. All the included accessories fit conveniently in or on the truck for simple storage.
  • It comes with one fully assembled, exclusive fingerboard that was designed in collaboration with skateboarding legend Tony Hawk and removable skate shoes that can be stored on the truck itself.
  • Includes storage for additional boards and skate shoes that get added to the collection. (Additional boards and shoes sold separately, subject to availability.)
  • Skate shoes help novice fingerboarders get a feel for the board, holding fingers in place as they learn to slide and flip. They can be removed and used interchangeably with other boards and sets.