Discovery Colossal Fossil Dig Kit


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  • ✔EXPLORE REAL FOSSILS: Experience the thrill of a paleontology as your child digs up authentic fossils from Gastropods, Brachiopods, or even a Shark Tooth
  • ✔TOOLS OF THE TRADE: Excavate like a pro with a chisel, brush, and magnifying glass to ensure you remove clean and beautiful fossils full intact
  • ✔EVERY SET IS UNIQUE: Every dig brick features a unique assortment of fossils to heighten the excitement and mystery of what may be found
  • ✔LEARN SOMETHING NEW: Kids will learn about new subjects such as Paleontology and Geology while also practicing patience and precision as they must work hard to unearth the fossils within
  • ✔ PERFECT MIX OF EDUCATION AND FUN: The fun and excitement of discovering new fossils is a great way to teach kids about science and is a perfect learning tool outside of school