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  • CHESS MADE SIMPLE: In this chess set, Learning Cards take you through how to play, step-by-step. This game is for everyone ages 8 & up. As a 2-player board game, chess makes a perfect couples game or grab a friend!
  • 3 EASY LEVELS: Go from basic moves to checkmate in 3 levels- The Basics, Simple Strategy, and Mighty Moves. The detachable bases on the chess pieces show the moves, and the Move Cards show the powers of each piece.
  • NO-BRAINER SETUP: The double-sided gameboard is perfect for simple setup. This chess set for adults and kids includes everything you need to get playing your best chess ever!
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  • Includes 1 Double-Sided Gameboard, 32 Chess Pieces, 32 Detachable Reference Bases, 12 Move Cards, 40 Double-Sided Learning Cards, Instructions