14.5" Metallic Light Blue Wax Lava Lamp


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  • WELL BUILT - Features clear fluid with metallic light blue lava with matching aluminum base. Includes 25-watt bulb. AC powered.
  • WATCH THE CHANGES - Trip out as you watch the purple liquid ‘metal’ within this classic ‘60s lamp ooze and morph without any rhyme or reason or even a care in the world.
  • A CLASSIC TOY - Lava lamps have fascinated and mesmerized onlookers for decades, so get one for your room.
  • MESMERIZING GLOW - Combines the warm glow of colorful light and the graceful, slow-moving interaction of lava and gravity.
  • SIZE - Metallic Light Blue Wax Lava Lamp stands at 14.5" and casts a relaxing aura about any room.